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Healing Dialogue & Action

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Learn more about HDA, our history, our Wounded Healers and more. 


Learn more about our team and what drives us to do the work we do.

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Learn more about the programs we offer at HDA.

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Contact us for more information about HDA and how to get involved.

What We Do At Healing Dialogue & Action


Healing Dialogue and Action offers therapeutic support groups and individual accompaniment for survivors of violence and people who have been accused of serious crimes. We focus on crimes involving a loss of life and provide programs in prisons, juvenile detention facilities, and communities across Southern California. 


Testimonials from people about their experience with HDA

“The system, prosecutors, and attorneys tell us that victims are on one road and offenders are on another…I think now there has to be a third way, one where we work together.”

A woman whose son was murdered

Our Mission

We work together to change the criminal justice system so it is one that respects and offers an opportunity for transformation for survivors, families and people responsible for harm. We are creating a world free from violence.

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