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"You helped to restore my humanity back to realize I am a worthy individual who has healed and can be a change agent no matter where I am in life. I felt the love every session..." 

- HDA Program Graduate

Restorative Justice Classes

HDA currently facilitates Victim Awareness classes for people experiencing incarceration at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) prisons to encourage reflection, accountability, and healing from trauma. We bring survivors who have lost loved ones to homicide inside to share their testimony.​


Healing Dialogue and Action holds Transformative Justice Symposiums that bring up to 100 participants together for two-day gatherings inside prisons. Participants include survivor family members, incarcerated individuals serving life sentences, policy makers, law enforcement, and prison officials. On the first day, survivors and those responsible for causing harm share their stories with one another while advocates and others bear witness to their stories and the ripple effects of crime. On the second day, the conversation shifts to action and the group works collectively to brainstorm and strategize around specific policy issues.